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Lens on Litter

At first glance, the scene at the fishing selling point exudes a sense of bustling life and cultural richness. Colorful boats rest on the sand, while local fishermen weave their way through the lively marketplace. However, beyond this surface charm, a closer inspection reveals a more disturbing narrative. Plastic bottles, discarded nets, and heaps of refuse dot the landscape, infiltrating the very heart of this coastal haven.

Amidst this environmental discord, the faces of the local fishermen tell a tale of resilience. Wrinkles etched by the sea's salt and sun narrate stories of generations deeply connected to their maritime heritage. These individuals rely on the sea's bounty for their livelihoods, yet the same waters now betray them with each wave that deposits more plastic waste. Their weathered hands, accustomed to nets and lines, now grapple with extracting plastic refuse from their catches.

As a photographer who ventured to a popular fishing selling point in Accra, I aimed to capture not just the filth that taints the beaches, but also the intricate connection between humanity and nature. The images show the challenges facing our environment are not distant or abstract, but deeply embedded in the spaces we inhabit. It is my hope that through these images, we are stirred to action, to restore the purity of our beaches and ensure that their beauty endures for generations to come.

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