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"Love and Culture: A Portrait Session with a Liberian Couple in Ghana"

When Liberian couple, Keisha and Charles, arrived in Ghana for a much-needed vacation, they knew that they wanted to document their trip with beautiful photographs. Having read the rave reviews online, they made a stop at the PK Hazel Studio in Accra, Ghana, to capture their memories in style.

As lovers of portraits, Keisha and Charles come from an urban Liberian culture that values the art of portraiture. In Liberia, photography is a way of life, a way of preserving memories and capturing important milestones. Liberians take great pride in their appearance and will often dress in their best clothes for a photo session, whether it's a wedding, graduation, or just because.

For Keisha and Charles, their photo session at my studio was no exception. They arrived dressed to the nines, eager to capture the essence of their love and their journey. From the moment they stepped into the studio, they were struck by the warm and welcoming atmosphere. I immediately put them at ease, making the experience both comfortable and enjoyable.

Throughout the session, I captured the couple's love and connection, producing stunning portraits that will serve as a lasting reminder of their trip. Keisha and Charles were thrilled with the results, remarking on how much they enjoyed the process and how much they appreciated my skill and creativity. I was touched by this and grateful for the feedback.

In Liberia, photography is more than just a way of capturing memories; it's a celebration of life, love, and culture. Liberians show up for creative photo sessions dressed in their best, ready to capture the beauty of the moment. For Keisha and Charles, their photo session at my studio was a perfect example of this tradition, a moment in time that they will treasure forever.

Photography is a universal language that transcends borders, cultures, and languages. Liberians have a deep appreciation for the art of portraiture, using it to capture their lives and culture in beautiful and meaningful ways. Keisha and Charles' experience at PK Hazel Studio is a testament to this tradition, showcasing the power of photography to capture love and connection in its purest form.

Shot at PK Hazel Studios

East Legon ,Accra , Ghana.

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