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Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Logo for the campaign

Everyone says their mother is the greatest hero. Thing is, you can’t even dispute that because, indeed, mothers are the greatest heroes and we at PK Hazel Photography share the same sentiment. When we launched #PKHazelMothersLove19 campaign, we merely wanted to give people the chance to amplify the truth about mothers being the greatest heroes. We pitched and managed to get six other sponsors on board: ( @divynebeauty_@marshmallowgifts @enda_coffee@akooshi_gh @ntamainstyle @carlynes_cakes_gh @mbjcreationsprints @ghanawedding ) who were all excited to be part of the campaign.


Maureen and her Mum

It became obvious then that we needed was a winner. A competition was launched for our audiences to post up a picture of themselves and their respective mothers and caption why their mother is their hero, all day, everyday — the post with the most likes, whose handle observes the terms of the competition, wins! We are proud and honoured to have Maureen Ofori,, and her Mama as our winners for the maiden edition of PK Hazel Photography Mother’s Day Campaign.

Maureen Ofori (winner of the #pkhazelmotherslove19 challenge)

“I’m so grateful for this competition. I was saving and wondering what to get my mother and when I found out about this I knew I had to enter. It was perfect!”

Maureen,, owing to her love for black coffee (lol) is quite elated to have won the competition. She barely believed she would win as she joined the contest later than most of the other contenders. With help of very capable agents, (Shout out to Instagram handle @_aninakwa) who rallied behind her to rack more likes, she did win! The few hours spent with Maureen, her Mama and youngest sister were delightful. The family was easy to warm up to. Maureen’s Mama is a beautiful, jovial woman, the party of the pack.

Maureen,her lttle sister and Mum

“Why is your mom your hero, all day, everyday?” we asked.

In answering this, Maureen exuded so much sincerity. She tells us about how her mom sacrificed a lot; fretted a lot about her and her siblings; stayed up to watch her study for B.E.C.E. with her.

“A gracious woman gets honor…” – Proverbs 11:16.

Her mom could be the poster model for the Reliability, or the statement, “I’m right here with you!” or “We’ll go through it together!” Our winner expressed that has been her Mama’s outstanding trait. We did indeed feel that too.


While wrapping up the shoot we asked Maureen if she’d enter next year. She flashed her pretty smile and said, “I rather someone else won.

Aunty Grace

Every mother deserves this. Someone else should win this for their mom too.” What a deserving winner! Although she hadn’t been briefed her thought aligned perfectly with our sentiments and tagline, Celebrating Mama — Our hero all day, everyday.

Maureen,Mum and little sister with gifts from sponsors

Written by Edwina Pessey.

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