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The Identical Poise of Unity


“Unity is strength,” they say. “Two heads are better than one,” we hear. “Ghana based Nigerian identical twins are intriguing,” I just made that one up. However, my quote is completely valid in the case of Nigerian twins Andrea and Amanda who are currently based in Ghana for higher educational purposes

When they posed for this shoot they sought to achieve synchronized perfection. Keyword here is “synchronized”. I'll get into that in a second. So you know how in primary school we asked another person or got asked to be someone's best friend. (This memory may be cringe worthy for some of us. Hint: those who did the asking) Most of us wanted at least that one person who understood and regardlessly remain loyal to us. And if possible be in sync with our thoughts and actions even in premeditated mode. Amanda and Andrea certainly vied to achieve that during the shoot.

Intriguingly, their lives as identical twins involves quite intensive natural and conditioned habits. A little mystery is allowed to keep us all curious, so for that sake I would not be telling you why they aspire to keep the same weight. Yes, if one sister is hungry but the other isn't, they'd both eat anyway to maintain the same weight. That, my people is a cross of so many things and too much awwww and weirdly beautiful. To them, being twins is a lifestyle. They are not just twins, they do twins… if that creates clarity.

Andrea and Amanda are the astute symbol of what unity should be. In the case of cultural unity, They are Nigerian and currently studying law in Ghana . They would naturally be imbued with the Ghanaian culture like the Kente pieces exhibited in their Afra K garments. I'm not sure if the ongoing Jollof wars can mimick Andrea and Amanda, but we see that in music consisting of both Nigerian and Ghanaian cultures and we can't deny how wonderful and inspiring it sounds.

Collaborations, I predict would not be limited to only Nigerian and Ghana. I predict that more African countries would soon join this bandwagon to project unity and make awesomeness happen within the continent. And in order not to implode in our own awesomeness we would share them with the rest of the world on our own terms, I pray. - None of the exploitation what-not.

You may merely see two good looking identical sisters posed before an unseen camera lens but I certainly see a conscious and gracious effort made to achieve each of others dreams…. Together.


Make up by Melissa Owusu (Instagram : @mz_aquia )

Kente dress by Afra K clothing

Photography by Pk Hazel (Instagram :@pkhazel )

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